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That’s what we like to see! (more sun)

April 2, 2013


Yep, it was time for the first “play beach bum in marginal weather” session of the season today. 😉

(Previous installments. And I’m sorry it’s still necessary for some vitamin D, but oh well.)





That would, indeed, be just under 43°F. At least the sun felt warm. Of course, when I finally went to sit in the back doorway and soak some of it up, it went behind some clouds.




That was about as comfy as you might expect. And I’m one of the people who doesn’t get cold easily. 🙂



But, the old adage in this climate held true: if you don’t like the weather, wait half an hour! (Or less, in this case.)



The UV index was actually reported at 3 or 4 today, depending on the source, which is not bad for Greater London this time of year: “does not exceed 8 in the UK (8 is rare; 7 may occur on exceptional days, mostly in the two weeks around the summer solstice).”  At this latitude, this is close to the earliest in the year that any UVB is available again. I did manage to get enough to feel when I needed to turn around, and maybe half an hour on each side left me with some IPD. At least for me, the “immediate” there really is that quick when I’m starting out sickly pale enough to notice it. There was at least enough UVA available to oxidize some melanin, and I’m hoping there was enough UVB to help start some D synthesis.


Scarily enough, that is actually at least one shade darker than it was when I got in the sun. Deficiency-pale again, besides the climate.


Good thing I was done sitting in the doorway.  Max was lying next to me, but claimed the memory foam cushion as soon as I got up to get a drink before using my back as a solar panel. But, he’s too cute to get very irritated. 😉



I’m a bit frustrated that it seems to need more spoons than I’ve got readily available to get out and use a tanning bed, because that is still looking like an excellent plan, with the persistent trouble absorbing D supplements properly. (It was also a bit of a relief to find out that, according to WHO,  “more than 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers occur in skin types I and II”*. Not so much of a worry as a type IV.) I just feel so much better, in general, when I can get some UV.

But, I’m very glad that the real sun is starting to cooperate again!

While I’m thinking about it, here are a couple of interesting blogs I ran across recently, from other people who are taking a while to recover from adult-diagnosed celiac (yes, it happens! :-|): Gluten Dude, and The Patient Celiac. Probably more related to that, before too long.

And, to finish things up, a rather appropriate one from today’s sun-basking playlist:


Infectious Grooves – Good Times Are Out to Get You (and lyrics)



* And, particularly in that light, I find their worldwide emphasis on the dangers of UV exposure kinda misguided, to say the least. Especially living in the Land of Rickets. (With programs like this…) But, I don’t want to go into that more ATM; that rant can wait for later. 😉

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