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Honk, Bang, Whistle and Crash

February 11, 2013

One I was reminded of by the last post, with living in an urban area. Luckily, the video starts off with the song and its lead-in.

Sesame Street Episode 3085 part 3

At first I thought that “Honk, Bang, Whistle, and Crash” was first heard on this [1993] Episode, but it turns out that it was first heard in 1978.

(Link added.) Yep, and I used to have it on this (1980) album. 🙂 If I could get hold of an industrial-sized drum of Sound Off, I would just have to skip the ice cream.

And, right across the street:

More construction noise

This is actually relatively quiet today. Thank goodness for double glazing. :/

I didn’t feel like climbing up on a planter to get the trellis out of the way, but that was mainly to capture the sound. At least they are well past the jackhammering/other demolition point now, though they’re running two excavators today.

Also, in a barely related note to the last post, the timing of my finally going and getting some more antibiotics for the abscess actually worked out well in another way: one of the goldfish started pineconing, which is usually from a bacterial infection. (It’s hard to see how, but with my luck, I gave him the bacteria. 😐 The timing is certainly suspicious, especially since he’s been the most consistently healthy goldie.) At least he is still acting like he doesn’t feel too bad, and is very interested in eating. *crossing fingers* I’ve got more fish meds on the way from the US, but was glad to have something vaguely appropriate on hand, to sacrifice a few tablets to the medicated gel food cause. It’s good to keep some on hand, just in case, and I wish I’d gone ahead and ordered some earlier. (As mentioned at that link, erythromycin is not first choice, since it primarily works for gram positive bacteria. Metronidazole is often used in combination for fish dropsy too, however.) I’m in a lot less danger than Canary is, right now. The dentist didn’t expect me to need the whole long course, and I can get more for myself much more easily, if necessary, than I can obtain certain fish meds here. 😐 Unusually, there is actually a fish vet specializing in ornamental fish elsewhere in Greater London, but he may as well be on the moon for the ability I have to get there with a large goldfish and no car, particularly while very sick myself. He’s too long to fit in a 3-gallon bucket now. (Canary, but probably the vet too. 😉 ) It’s frustrating, overall, but I’m doing the best I know to do. (She reminds herself…)

Pineconing goldfish

Mainly for tracking purposes, with treatment. This was the first day, a couple of hours after I noticed the dropsy problem, and he’s so still because he’s working on a mouthful of medicated food.

I haven’t felt like scraping algae off the glass for a while, and by golly can messy carp encourage algae growth, even in a fairly heavily planted tank! I’m doing extra water changes (spoons available or no), and keeping it salted, gradually working up to 0.3% to hopefully help him get rid of some of the bloating. The Canary name used to make more sense, until he lost all the yellow color. Both of his parents also did that; he’s the last of our surprise babies left, from probably five years ago. 😦

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