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Let it snow!

January 21, 2013

I was considering going with something along the lines of “Dreaming of a White London” as a post title, but that made me think of the EDL. 😐

We do very occasionally get snow here, more than this:

Photo by Ingvar Mattsson, the morning of 5 Dec. This was the only other snow that stuck to the ground at all so far this winter, if not for very long. We’ve had a few flakes a couple of other times.

It’s usually more like living in a wet refrigerator in the winter, and people really start moaning if it drops below freezing. (If, increasingly, with good reason: A third of families ration fuel as soaring power prices force ‘heat or eat’ dilemma)

I still feel kind of silly, going out and snapping photos like I’ve never seen snow before when we do get some, but it is exciting. 🙂

After a few days of some snow staying around, yesterday it started up pretty hard again, and we ended up with four or five inches. I needed to pop out and pick up something before the shops closed, and used that as an excuse for dragging Mr. U along on a fairly long walk with Max. 🙂 (As in the last video post. The main reason he didn’t get t0 go to a park and run around off leash this time was that he just doesn’t know when to stop with his fairly new arthritic hip, which has been acting up in the cold damp weather lately. And, yes, that is all too familiar.)

I haven’t been getting out that much lately, but slogging through the little bit of snow was totally worth it. I was too tired to get these posted last night, but here they are now.

Main roads were looking pretty clear, just from traffic. There just aren’t a lot of salt trucks, though the local council claims to be running some. I have never seen one, and our house fronts on an A-road.

The side streets, not so much. I found the tire track patterns interesting, and I’m still half-wondering what the guy on the right was doing.

Detail: Road snow angels! In the road!

Good that this was a decent resolution for cropping, since I didn’t want to too obviously zoom in on the kids, lest their parents start worrying about creepers taking an undue interest. 😐 Probably not that likely between gender stereotyping and my being out with the husband and dog, but still. Shame it’s even a concern.

No ball games, but apparently it’s OK to make sled snow circles. 😉 There’s not a lot of open space, and it’s pretty flat for sledding, but we saw several kids having a blast getting dragged around the neighborhood on them.

Meanwhile, Max needed to stick his head in a hedge.

There wasn’t much traffic out, but it looked like somebody had an accident. Thankfully, there were no ambulances, just a couple of police cars and a small group of worried-looking people. (I didn’t want to point a camera at them, and was trying to be discreet with the cop cars.)

Some random interesting-looking vegetation. I like to wander around and look at other people’s postage stamp gardens, anyway, and am still sometimes impressed at how green things stay over the winter in this climate. Much different, covered in snow. 🙂

Semi-tropical look landscaping fail. 😀

And at another house, this time with peeing dog.

A layer of snow actually helped a nearby construction site, peering in through the fence wire.

Though I’m not sure about this trash. (Yep, next to a trash bag is the perfect place to throw your litter. Not 25 feet from a sidewalk bin…)

Max really, really despises waiting outside shops for even a couple of minutes. Even with one of his humans keeping him company.

He just doesn’t like stopping at all, when it’s Walk Time. Not that Mr. U looks too thrilled here, either. 😉

“Why we waiting around here?!” (And I don’t actually remember why.)

After we got home, he was tired enough that as soon as he got dried off and put into his “I have thin enough fur that I often need clothes inside the house” shirt, he built himself a pillow and blanket nest and sacked out for a few hours!

(That’s actually a kids’ hoodie, with the hood amputated and the sleeves shortened. We haven’t gotten around to altering the belly side yet so that it doesn’t need turned up at the bottom, but it fits him pretty well!)

But, a good time seemed to be had by all.

ETA: It’s gotten a couple of degrees above freezing today, and the snow is starting to melt off. But, it was fun while it lasted. 🙂

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