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Return of the Snow Beast

January 20, 2013

From a couple of years ago. 🙂 Photo by Ingvar Mattsson, as the light was starting to go.

Max didn’t get to go off leash today, but he did at least get a walk in the snow this afternoon. I haven’t done anything with the audio on these, so you might want to turn the volume down.


Return of the Snow Beast

Max the Staffie really enjoyed a walk in the unusual snow this afternoon.

He didn’t much like slowing down when I went in front of them to film, and started trying the Pully Bully act. Thankfully, that doesn’t work too well (by design) with the front-clip harness. 😉

That prototype DIY harness is looking pretty rough by now, but it still fits better than the replacement one. That’s the only thing that’s worked to get the pulling under control, and almost immediately after putting it on him; the opposition reflex, it is strong in this one! If he weren’t coming up on 14 next month…


Return of the Snow Beast, pt. 2

Here, Wall-Hugging Boy hugs walls. That’s just how he rolls.

Please excuse the snowflake over the lens at the beginning. It was coming down pretty hard.


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