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Photos: The Foggy Frost

December 14, 2012

I’m procrastinating going out shopping right now, partly because I’ve got a rotten cold, and partly because of the cold drizzle. I’d just skip it if we weren’t out of dog food and ibuprofen. Not that waiting until it gets dark helps with any of that. *wry smile*

But, that reminded me of some bad phone photography from a few days ago. Tuesday the 11th, now that I check the dates.

While I really admire good street photography, that’s not the kind I do. 😉 But, the best way to improve is practice. I’ve considered doing more photo posts, which kind of makes sense when writing is a problem, but perfectionism. There will probably be more coming, though. We do have a decent DSLR, but I usually have the less-clunky phone handy, so…

That was a good evening to spend inside, with a cup of the hot beverage of your choice! I was glad to get home from a short grocery shopping trip. Take a couple of nights’ worth of frost that hadn’t melted off during the day, add fog rolling in to pull every bit of warmth from your body. The fog here wasn’t showing up too well in these shots, other than the blurred lights.

To me, the climate here is often deceptive that way: it’s not actually that cold by the thermometer, but the damp and often the wind (not so much that day) can make it feel that way. That also reminds me of a friend of the family who grew up in Minneapolis, and froze from the wetter winters in Southwest Virginia. 🙂

Picasa album. As usual, click through for a larger image.

You can see where some sunlight hit on the sidewalks, besides the tire tracks in spite of the bollards the council put up a couple of years ago to try to keep cars off there! The stretches shown here and in the last one are really something when we do get snow. They stay icy for weeks, with lots of foot traffic to pound things down.

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