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A few videos

December 19, 2011

I was going to try to put together a rather weighty post, but couldn’t after dealing with comments on the last one (and having to reread–hyperlexia FTW! :-|). Here are a couple of videos instead, another dispatch from Earworms ‘R’ Us. Requiring album rather than live versions today, apparently. It is, indeed, a followup of sorts.

*Rare* Red Hot Chili Peppers – My Friends (OFFICIAL ALTERNATIVE VERSION Music Video). “This video was deemed too ‘artsy’ for general release as it was thought that it would alienate fans.” Lyrics; I was going to use a version subtitled in Spanish and English, but the sound was messed up.

One Hot Minute is mostly more like one hot mess (the combination of Dave Navarro and lots and lots of drugs even for the earlier RHCP gives some very strange results), but it does have its moments.

I admittedly also got in a bit of a YouTube rut today because, as the top-rated comment on that video puts it, “It’s not like this is breaking news or anything, but Anthony Kiedis probably is one of the most beautiful men to ever grace the face of this planet. His mama may as well have birthed a Michelangelo sculpture.” Erm, yeah. And I’ve always been more than a little bit of a sucker for the combo of hair and chinquapin eyes (SW Virginia is not a bad place to be in that regard, no). Reading Scar Tissue–with all the rather creepy boundary weirdness–didn’t change how pretty he is. 😉

The version expected to go over better:

Red Hot Chili Peppers – My Friends [Official Music Video]. And, yeah, apparently the rocking is OK if you’re a musician.

And another, from IIRC 1993, very early on the recovery theme (which does not just apply to substance abuse, IME):

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Soul To Squeeze (Music Video) w/ lyrics on description. And lyrics. This is a much lower-quality video than I originally posted–and the aspect ratio is messed up–but embedding was disabled on that one.

Talk about needing some snakes combed out… I am still not so sure about the Freaks and Coneheads mashup; kind of an unusual choice for the film, anyway. But, apparently Dan Ackroyd specifically wanted the song.

So, of course I can’t resist throwing in this:

Gooble Gobble ‘Clip from the 1932 MGM movie “Freaks”‘

Though instead of hunting down a suitable Ramones performance, as almost seems obligatory there, I’ll continue the existing theme:

Serenaded by the terror bird…

Desecration Smile live in studio-Red Hot Chili Peppers “AOL sessions 2006” And lyrics. Another that’s maybe a bit overly radio-friendly, but not a bad perspective for all that. Again with a replacement (even more so this time), because of disabled embedding. The first one I tried to post.

And, in other news, I just found possibly the weirdest spam comment ever, from a site pushing recipes for Norwegian carrot cake. And it really is carrot cake recipes. Someone else with similar:  Not sure I want to know what’s up with that.

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