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“Autistic Death Squad!” — a shameless reblog

August 17, 2011

I just thought you all should hear this (from Eric at A world that loved monsters)

This is the first time I’ve used the WordPress reblog option, but just couldn’t resist. Especially since I can’t stop laughing long enough to put together a “real” post. This is so spot-on hilarious, and I can’t add much.

(ETA: It probably struck me as even funnier because I’m in the middle of working on a post about having learned the hard way that things are just not going to get better without nonviolent communication and treating people we don’t agree with respectfully. While needing to play violent games as a PTSD release valve so I don’t go and beat on our abusive jerk neighbor in reality. /ETA)

(the name came from a joking discussion what would happen if groups like Aspies for Freedom or the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network became militant revolutionary groups targeting pro-cure groups.)

Lyrics: They told you were worthless but they never told you why they beat you ’cause you didn’t want to look them in the eye They said that they would cure you and they filled you up with lies With stigma and with shame so that your self-respect would die! Autistic Death Squad! Autistic Death Squad! Autistic Death Squad! Autistic Death Squad! Can’t be yourself if you’re yourself you ought to b … Read More

via A world that loved monsters

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