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Sun, please!

March 9, 2011

With any luck, I’ll be posting more again. The brain fog (and muscle spasms, yay!) seem to be improving some after just a couple of weeks on 2400iu vitamin D supplements which I’m going to double up on for a while. I’m planning to do a post about that, but here’s a pretty good example of why it’s been necessary after years in this climate.

Today, I was excited to see that there was sun again when I got up.  Just on the off chance that there is enough UVB available again to synthesize me some D, I headed for the patio, in my usual around-the-house beach bum wear with coffee, sunglasses, and earbuds at the ready. (It was about 50F/10C, so tolerable in the sun. Just about.) “[N]o vitamin D is made in the skin in London (latitude 52°N) from about October to March”#–but hey, at least the sun is making it above the neighbors’ house again at midday! It feels particularly luxuriously great on my skin these days, anyway.

Since I had my phone handy for an mp3 player anyway, this is what I saw at about noon. I didn’t adjust the exposure.


Wasn't there a burning ball of gases up there somewhere?

Don't see one...

Maybe the sunglasses were premature. I didn't know I could get this pale. (Or eczema-blotchy, for that matter--sun/apparently Vit. D clears it up.) I didn't even know I was looking so glum.

More how I remember my skin tone. From December (yes, December) 1981. I don't spend as much time in the sun as an adult, but still. My skin tans really easily, and holds onto it to the point that I didn't know how much of it was from the sun, back in Virginia. On the plus side, my hair isn't sunbleached orangey now. 🙂

The reality now. It startles me sometimes.

OK, now it's just playing with me.

About an hour later, well after I got fed up and went back inside. At least it was very pretty, though more clouds soon rolled in. 😉

Those tanning beds are looking better all the time. Greatly increased skin cancer risk or osteomalacia: you decide. 😐 (I am showing symptoms of it now.)

ETA 15/3: All the pallor may not be from lack of sun. I saw a couple of days after posting this, while trying to work on the Vitamin D post that’s not done yet, that the vitamin deficiency and low calcium levels it causes can make you pale. I knew some other deficiencies could, but yeah, that might help explain it.

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