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Photos: Nigel and kittens

April 16, 2010

I was just reading Feline Ethics, Part 2: Avoiding Arrogance at Ballastexistenz, which took me to AnneC’s newish cat blog, Felines are Wonderful.

Flipping through a directory of old photos (looking at the melanistic tabbiness of one cat), I ran across one from 2005 which reminded me of why I like Nigel so much.

Not-So-Great Description: A candid shot of Nigel lying on the floor, rubbing under a small blue-and-white kitten’s chin. The kitten, sprawled on his back, looks completely blissed, while Nigel’s expression is very attentive and tender. The kitten, probably five or six weeks old, is not much bigger than his hand.

As for the (black, not diluted) melanistic tabby look, I find it interesting that you can get such a similar visual effect from subtle dog brindling, as happened with B.B.‘s coat. Until I just now looked for some stuff to skim on the genetics involved there, I didn’t realize that the lighter coat color is the background.

And, since the photo was a bit of a tease where kittens are concerned, here are a few of the same one and his two sisters (one blue-and-white, one black-and-white), a few weeks before that one was taken:

Yes, that’s an empty suitcase they’re in, because their mother liked it. 🙂 She also claimed the half-finished afghan I was crocheting. The blue kitten without white around her chin and mouth is Feist, who still lives here. Their stripes became less visible as they got older. Unfortunately, the mother cat, Smoke, disappeared a couple of years ago. I miss her.

Here’s a recent one which doesn’t really fit, other than Punkin having been one of our kittens a few years back. 🙂 I liked it even though the focus isn’t great.

Description: Punkin owns the dog’s bed. Punkin, a one-eyed tortoiseshell/tabby cat with long hair, blinks lazily inside the dog crate, with just a sliver of green eye showing. She’s relaxing on his bed, which is her new favorite place once he’s closed up in our bedroom for the night.

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