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Just the links: more stuff I’ve been reading 6

April 13, 2010

I have a couple of posts lined up, but not the spoons to write them right now. Here are some links, instead. 🙂

* Joy
“The thing that has really surprised me going from depression and terror to happiness, has been that joy — combined with love, beauty, and other such things — is built into the world on a very fundamental level.”

Smiling Buddha Cabaret
* The Third Step
“The ordinary way of looking at things sees a thing on it’s surface but does not penetrate too deeply. A few characteristics may be noted, it is judged good/bad/indifferent and one then moves on to look at the next object. The Dharma-Eye encounters something until it is experienced in it’s most deep and broadest, connections intact and not artificially severed by the mind. Judgement is irrelevant since one is experiencing from a standpoint of equanimity.”

* Dystopia
“The dictatorship of the ego demands all kinds of things and exacts all kinds of punishments when demands are not met. This kind of psychological landscape has devastating results not only on individuals but on families, communities and on our planet. How often have we castigated ourselves for not measuring up in some situation?…And further how often have we inflicted these kinds of statements onto others, particularly our children. And children learn what they live. So they internalize all this crap and after a while beat themselves up with it. And pass it on in many other situations.
That’s the Dystopia of Ego.”

Last Woman
“However, it is disingenuous for the rest of the population to criticize the recent actions of the Texas SBOE without looking at what our respective states are choosing to teach and not-teach with the most important subject matter on the U.S. books of history, civics, economics, geography, political science, law and other subjects: the past and present relationship(s) of the U.S. with Tribal Nations and Indigenous Peoples.”

Note: Only once the whole time I was in school was it mentioned that Siouan people ever lived in Virginia, never mind that we’re still there. (By a student teacher who pronounced Sioux as “sigh-ox”.) This may have changed since the Monacans finally got state recognition, though they are perpetuating the myth that their Tutelo cousins are dead and gone. Depressingly predictable.

Astrid’s Journal
* The Creation of the Concept of Depression in Japan
‘In the Japanese culture, depression did not exist as a concept until the pharmaceutical industry created the idea of a “cold of the soul”.’

* On the Social Construction of Childhood Mental Illness
“In that respect, it’s very understandable that more people are on psychiatric drugs and in special services: they cannot be expected to change an unwilling society on their own and hold on while society is refusing to change.”

Here Be Dragons
* To all the “Autism Parents” and “Autism Siblings” who say they “Live with Autism”
“A non-autistic person can suffer precariously from having someone they love and care about be subjected to discrimination. Xe may feel the pain of that person having difficulties with certain things, but being unable to help them or fix the problem… However, non-autistic people do not share autistic people’s experiences by being their family member.”

* A Small Reminder
“There is a persistent misconception that I see regularly. It is the idea that when people throw their privilege around or act like disablist asshats, that this causes me some kind of emotional pain, and the more enlightened often apologize and regret the pain they have caused me. I really do appreciate this, but…

Folks, this is not about me!”

Cat in a Dog’s World
* Who Benefits from ‘Autism Recovery’?
‘Some of these kids may very well grow up and experience autism-related disabilities. Only instead of receiving appropriate support, and having the comfort of knowing that it’s okay for them to be different, they’ll be operating under the assumption that they’re “entirely normal” now. “Recovered” kids may well be expected to be more normal than normal kids, on the basis of continually “proving” their “recovery” to people who want to believe in such things.’

Hoyden About Town
* On what we talk about when we talk about “domestic violence”
“When we talk about the ways in which family violence is tolerated and ignored and excused, about power structures reinforcing our violent culture, about victim-blaming, about victims being disbelieved and dismissed – why are we quietly ignoring so many victims?”

* Doctors are ‘failing to spot Asperger’s in girls’
‘”We’re failing girls at the moment. We are doing many thousands of them a great disservice. They are either not being picked up in the first place, but if they ask for help they are being turned away. Even if they are referred for diagnosis, they are commonly rejected.”‘

* From Renee at Womanist MusingsI’m not a feminist (and there is no but)
“How can you claim the label of those who would oppress you to see their goals realised, even when commonality exists in some areas? Not owning the feminist label is not always about equivocation; for some women, it represents truly loving oneself in the face of bigotry.”

* US mine explosion leaves 25 dead
“Massey Energy is among the US’s most profitable coal producers. In the last year, federal inspectors have fined the company more than $382,000 (£251,000) for violations involving ventilation and equipment at the plant which is run by a subsidiary, Performance Coal Co. Three other deaths have occurred at the mine in the last 12 years.”

And from West Virginia Public Broadcasting: Upper Big Branch brings into question safety of non-union mines – “Oppegard says in non-union mines, anyone who makes safety complaints takes a risk of getting fired.” – Ya think?!

* Can’t Be Choosers
“The nature of SSI, despite all the government’s protests to the contrary, is to trap you in the system and keep you there. You have to work very, very hard to get off it–harder than you did to get on it. If you’re disabled and you want to work, and you can’t do a simple job, and you need a degree or a certificate or any sort of schooling at all… it gets very, very complicated.”

The Standard Review
* Autism Awareness is a Myth
“What is considered denial is actually a very important part of everyone’s mind and popularity is mainly the deciding factor for what anyone believes. I’m reminded of this every time I hear the term awareness associated with a concept which is used to exclude and oppress people who are vulnerable to the abusive rules and regulations which are created in the name of truth.”

Bitch Magazine
* Feminist Intersection: Contemporary feminism isn’t necessarily anti-racist
‘My measurement says that things have been really fucked up, are still really fucked up, but most importantly that I don’t have to keep swallowing the pill of “understanding” why they remain that way in many instances.’

Note: For me, this includes universalist pronouncements about how societies work/have worked.

* Ongoing Echoes from the Women of the Long House
“Indeed, Haudenosaunee women led lives that must have shocked and confused many of their European American contemporaries, who often found themselves trapped in isolated lives of drudgery and servitude….Perhaps most shockingly, rape and violence against women was rare to the point of being almost unheard of; it was repeatedly reported that many white women felt safe wandering alone in Haudenosaunee territory at any time of day or night. And when men went hunting or fishing, conducted state business, erected buildings or monuments, or went to war, according to Haudenosaunee spiritual ideals, they did so in service of women.”

Womanist Musings
* Westboro Baptist Church Rejected By The KKK
“How do you know that the hate organization that you belong to is full of mega fail?”

* The pain is real, even though you can’t see it
“Pain is invisible and because people cannot see it and in fact cannot imagine it, they create all kinds explanations (flights of fancy really) based on their privileges and biases about why you aren’t able to do something…Even if I were to never write another word on this blog, just getting through my day is work because it means negotiating the pain.”

* Of Fa’afafine, “Gay Animals,” and the (Mis)Uses of Science
“Ultimately, what we have is behavior, and lots of nervous people trying to do too much with it, or to explain it away.”

* “View Bob McDonnell With Alarm!” (E-I-E-I-O)
“Let’s face it: Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is an inept head of state who can’t even manage to keep his culture warrior pants neatly pressed.”

* Life After Katrina in 2010: Human Rights on the Gulf Coast
“Perhaps the report’s most disturbing revelation is the fact that it is being published today—that the crisis continues to haunt the coast so deeply nearly half a decade after Katrina and Rita made landfall.”

* Republicans Blame the Unemployed for Unemployment, and Block Needed Benefits
“Continued delay, even if temporary, will mean more unemployed people falling through the cracks, unable to feed and house their families or to continue paying for needed retraining or college classes. More people than ever before are experiencing long term unemployment of over a year. Extended benefits are all many of these people have.”

Dan Casey’s Blog
* Blogger blames Boucher for soda-bottle meth labs
‘Is this joker trying out for Saturday Night Live, for the position: “scriptwriter who makes conservatives look like complete fools”?’

* Rumor: Cuccinelli to sue McDonnell over slavery apology

* What’s next? Massive Resistance History month?
“And while we’re at it, let’s make sure there is no mention of Brown v. Board of Education.”

Every Crooked Step Forward
* Those are These, and These are… Me.
“I am part of that world. When you talk about Those People, you are talking about me. Or, you are talking about people very close to me. It’s you that has a problem with that, not me.”

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