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March 31, 2010

* Jenny McCarthy & Autism Part 1: If we shame parents enough, maybe autism can be cured!

* Stigma Kills: A Concrete Example

* For Cereal, Time?
‘Of particular interest to me is that the Great Dr. Scott says that narcotic pain medication “never” works for chronic pain. Ever.’

Vegans of Color
* More on classism, and some thoughts on ableism, within vegan movements
“Could we be alienating PWD from our movements partly by not thinking more of how standard activist work could be more inclusive (in addition to, you know, recognizing that PWD exist)?”

* Rethinking Work: cooking as labor

Andrea’s Buzzing About
* ADD-ing new perspectives
‘“But the thing is,” I explained (somewhat defensively) “when you have ADD or ADHD, that’s what it’s always been like. That’s what you’re used to.” The point being that one doesn’t feel the same sense of loss when it’s a life-long condition, compared to a late-onset disability.’

Square 8
* Perspective taking
“It took many years to erase the picture of me that had been created by others, the picture they felt they had a right to draw because I didn’t talk much, preferred solitude, and had all-consuming narrow interests. It took more years than it might have otherwise to learn who I really was”

* McDonnell: No Discrimination Against Gays (Really?)
‘And closeted people don’t claim discrimination, because you can’t discriminate against something invisible. But that just means that the discrimination is of a different, “don’t ask, don’t tell,” sort, not that it doesn’t exist.’

* Catching up to Reality on Blood Donations by Gay Men

Spark In Darkness
* Our Existence is not offensive

* Activism, anger and shouting

(at Womanist Musings)
* A Spark of Wisdom: Why we can’t always have a ‘productive’ conversation

* A Spark of Wisdom: Polite Prejudice
“And this boggles me. This person believes I am less. They are against my having basic equal rights. I don’t care how friendly they are, how much we have in common, how nice they are and how much we agree on everything else – they believe I am inferior and unworthy of equal rights. That’s a deal breaker. I do not owe such a person my respect and I certainly don’t owe them my friendship.

I will respect them when they respect me – and they can only do that by acknowledging me as an equal who deserves all the rights and privileges that they enjoy.”

The Sexist
* Sexist Comments of the Week: “Smile, Baby” Edition
“I don’t enjoy being interrupted and I can’t imagine why anyone would. I know for a fact that the men who interrupt me do so not because I am so entrancing and they are so mesmerized by my beauty and so frightened at the possibility of never seeing me again that they simply must speak to me.”

Here be Dragons
* “Normal” & “Neurotypical”
“But here’s the kicker, if you’ve been dehumanized and Othered on grounds that you aren’t normal, you most likely reject the idea that being normal is a compliment, and you may hate having your neurological wirings described in demeaning ways”

The Buffalo Post
* Unacceptable – Only 0.3 percent of engineers are Native. University of Idaho professor has a plan to change that
‘”It takes half a lifetime to understand the life cycle of an elk, say. You can’t learn enough in three months to say you know anything.”’

* Tim Giago on Native vets and the VA – ‘First you apply, then they deny and hope you die’

And one from the “Possibly related posts” feature, worth it for the title (but not only that!):
Uniform Velocity’s Can I get Vaccinated Against Unfounded Fear Mongering?

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