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Just the links: more stuff I’ve been reading 4

March 24, 2010

I’ve collected links, but haven’t gotten around to posting them since December. This is a new batch. 🙂

*Kindergarteners, YOU’RE DOOMED!!!!
‘Scientists are worried that their efforts to “end childhood obesity” aimed at school-age populations “may be, if not too little, too late.” Too stop the horrible, horrible curse-of-fat, we must begin at birth

“I would like to put forth the radical notion that, if a fat person is fat by choice, it’s okay.”

*It’s Tough to Make John McCain Look Good…
“drawing an equivalence between same-sex partnerships between consenting adults, and bestiality, which is nonconsensual by definition, is a key narrative of the rape culture”

six until me.
*Health Care Reform: How Does it Affect People with Diabetes?

*On shock and tolerance…
“Tolerance is a shitty contract between the privileged and the oppressed.”

almost normal
*Yes I am
“I still can’t say it out loud, you know, that I have disabilities.”

Obesity Timebomb
*Concern trolling the fatties aka civilised oppression
“It’s complicated and draining to call people on their actions when they oppress me in a friendly way, it’s easy for both parties to deny that it’s happening, it’s so covert and minute a lot of the time. Yet it’s felt as oppressive all the same, and it’s cumulatively damaging.”

frolicnaked’s diary at RH Reality Check
*WHAT and Pains?
“You know what’s also a common source of undiagnosed pain? Phyiscal or neurological issues that are poorly understood and often overlooked or misdiagnosed.”

The Curvature
*Abusive Men Overestimate the Rate at Which Other Men Abuse
“When bystanders know how to respond to a situation that has turned or could turn violent instead of standing by as though it’s not their business, abusers lose their support systems — and the complicity of others is a major tool used by abusers.”

*The “What Are You” Game: Rules and Regulations

*What Makes the Healthiest and Happiest Societies? Hint: It’s Not Wealth
“In fact, it turns out that not only disease, but a whole host of social problems ranging from mental illness to drug use are worse in unequal societies…In fact, in more unequal societies, these problems aren’t higher by ten or twenty percent. There are perhaps eight times the number of teenage births per capita, ten times the homicide rate, three times the rate of mental illness. Huge differences.”

*The Dark Side of Birth Control: The Pill Still Has Many Adverse Affects Glossed Over By Big Pharma
“Women have come to accept with little question that contraception should be their responsibility. . .If men were asked to take a hormonal therapy that would cut off the healthy production of their sex cells, would they take it? Would they take it if it would reduce their sexual appetite and adversely affected their moods? Would they take it if it increased their risks of developing high blood pressure, metabolic problems, certain cancers and having a stroke? Maybe. Yet, women everyday take on these risks to suppress ovulation without ever considering whether they are losing something essential when they do so.”

Beyond Meds
*Have antidepressants turned an episodic illness into a chronic one?

Hillbilly Savants
*Remember the Snail Darter!
“Those who stood up to the TVA helped change this perception (it’s hard to win a PR battle while forcibly removing poor, elderly women from their homes), and no TVA dams have been built in the three decades since.”

Thing About Skins And Other Curios
*The Politics of Native Hair Part 1


*The Politics of Native Hair Part 3

Interesting perspectives from out West. I was aware of a lot of these issues, but things are very different in the East, besides for women. I have found it more than a little odd that any time my hair has been long, a lot of other people have commented on my perceived Indianness. Stereotypes, gotta love ’em.

The Tao of Chaos
*Define ‘Best’ Please
“The best is a fun concept in Taoism. Or ‘outside’ of Taoism, for that matter. Fun because there’s really not a best anything. Nothing can be the best because the range of needs, wants, and situations is far too wide for any one thing to fit everything….So, what is US healthcare best for?”

*Monkeys With Power
“That’s because power is indeed a hell of a drug. There are human qualities power… however small an amount… ignites, and they are the opposing sides of a single coin. Greed and self-serving on one side. Charity and mindful empathy on the other. Which side manifests depends on the values one brings to the table.”

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