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Just the links: more stuff I’ve been reading 2

November 30, 2009

BBC Ouch!
* Jennie Routley’s Tourette ticking: rhyming, singing and clucking

* Lucy Sholl’s Disabled girls are easy

* Anna Rosevear’s Vets and Psychiatrists

Planet of the Blind
* The New Vulgarity

Asperger Square 8
* A Job Interview (video)

What a crazy random happenstance
* Mental Health and Promiscuity

Autist’s Corner
* Why Are So Many Awesome Bloggers Named Amanda?
‘You lose initiative; you become afraid to try something before you’ve been told how to do it, because you’re used to the teacher/therapist/whomever criticizing your attempts, telling you “No, that’s wrong” whenever you do something that differs even a little bit from the response they’re looking for.’

* They hate you. Yes, you.
“The only reason they’re not about me is that I’m old and verbal enough to not be vulnerable to that kind of abuse. They would be all too happy to practice it on me if they could. Autistic people do not get abused because they are low-functioning, they get abused because they do weird things.”

Yes Means Yes
* Meet The Predators

* The problem of the oblivious white male atheist

Womanist Musings
* Your Scooter Means You’re Poor

* Disableism Impacts Families

Rage Against the Man-chine
* Getting your eyebrows waxed only makes you a fag if there are no tits involved. (Part 1)
“What the geniuses who own the Alpha Male Barber Spa have figured out is that men, who are falling prey to the machinations of the beauty industry in ever greater numbers these days, have been longing for a way to go metro without the taint of faggotism that surrounds traditional salons or barber shops in gay neighborhoods…These men need tits and football with their vanity services.”

Reclusive Leftist
* Fear of women
“Dig it: the Stupak amendment and the Palin witch-burning are the same fucking thing.”

* Why right-wing populism works
“The Republicans have also pulled off one of the greatest propaganda coups in American history, and that’s convincing working-class folks that Republican economic policies are good for the little guy…They took people’s natural suspicion of The Powers That Be and re-directed it to the government. Re-directed it away from the profiteers, away from the rich white businessmen and bankers. Away from themselves.”

The Tao of Chaos
* There’s Nothing Inside
“There’s only my mind, and only I am in it. Piece by piece, I disown that anger. Inch by inch, I am free.”
* Book Review: Youth in a Suspect Society

* interview with Henry A. Giroux

Huffington Post
* One In Eight Americans On Food Stamps “one in four children”

Kahentinetha Horn’s Myth Busters in Montreal: “Mysterious” disappearance and re-appearance of the St. Lawrence Iroquois – colonial reports about our death and disappearance are premature and should not be taken seriously.
Darkly hilarious.

Beyond Meds
* How to reduce deaths associated with neuroleptics (anti-psychotic) medications

* Neuroleptics (antipsychotics) go mainstream and for every ill

* Psychosurgery Promoted by the NYT — by Vera Sharav

* My Views on Psychiatry and Mental Illness — John Breeding, PhD

* Invisible Identities, Part 1: Invisible to Whom?

* I don’t have a “real” mental health condition, I’m just weak, and other bad self-talk

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