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Just the links: more stuff I’ve been reading

November 8, 2009

Beyond Meds: Meditation and brain neuroplasticity, The other side of Mental Health Science — Steve Morgan
Do people suffer from psychiatric disorders/diseases or do people experience varying degrees of human suffering in their own idiosyncratic ways? — Tim Desmond
Undiagnosing myself
Anatomy of an epidemic — Robert Whitaker

FWD/Forward: In which homework is assigned
Guest Post: Disability and Asexuality

Cat in a Dog’s World: Missing in Causation Talk: Actual Autistics

WITsend: Calling all men who tech – time to speak out for female colleagues

Shapely Prose: Straw Feminist Weekly: The jealous bitch

Reclusive Leftist: House Democrats pass healthcare reform for men
Sometimes it’s good to pause and remind ourselves that the wingnuts really are fucking batshit insane (open thread)

Retrieverman’s Weblog: Another look at the Goyet cave “dog”

Rolling Around In My Head: Shopmobility, part one

NTs Are Weird: Collateral Damage in the Health Care Debate

LAST WOMAN: #40. Whose Honor Guard? An Open Letter

Whose Planet Is It Anyway?: Protesters Attacked by Flying Burrito Wrap

Furious Seasons: Atypical Nation: Abilify TV Ad Targets Women
The Zyprexa Chronicles: Zyprexa Good For Teens, Packs On The Pounds In Short-Term Trial
Fort Hood Shooting: Army Psychiatrist Kills 12, Wounds 31, Fuller Torrey Silent
“Once Diagnosed, Never Undiagnosed”

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  1. November 9, 2009 6:41 am

    Also: something from Reuters about Depakote. Almost literally “just in”.

    (Found this from Furious Seasons).

    And Other Fancy Stuff’s Being a girl in CS doesn’t suck.

    (Pamela Fox works for Google and does these terrific presentations.)

    • urocyon permalink
      November 9, 2009 1:08 pm

      Thanks for the links. 🙂 I was interested to see that “federal prosecutor for the Western District of Virginia is conducting the probe for the U.S. Justice Department”–satisfying in a way, since that’s my old stomping ground. 🙂

      Good to see more perspectives from women in CS/IT. Reports from people I know vary a lot, as does the amount of blatant sexism they’re running into on the ground; part of that is perception, I’d imagine. I’m still pretty irked at the pay gap–if anything, more blatant because employers have a hard time doing the old job title switcheroo, AFAICT.

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