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December 27, 2007
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Hello, all. I’m starting this new blog, largely to try to break the increasing sense of political futility and chasing my own tail that I’ve been getting lately.  My existing LJ has been stagnating because I just haven’t wanted to post on some of the “crankier” and/or more political topics which have been on my mind over there, so I set up this blog.

Things may look a little rough until I get them set up properly, which I hope to do ASAP.

Who am I? A woman in her early thirties from Southwest Virginia, living (and feeling rather out of place)  in Greater London since 2004.  There are a lot of handy labels one could put on aspects of what make me who I am: feminist, “invisible” American Indian, autistic, hillbilly, “visibly” and “invisibly” disabled, anarchist, animal lover, freethinking small-“p” pagan, big fat crank, among others. I’ll readily admit that all of these influences do work together in shaping the way I look at the world, but prefer not to be pigeonholed, much less held to any one category.  As Amanda  pointed out so well recently,  that is fairly difficult when you break so many stereotypes, anyway.

I actually hesitated to start writing publically about more political topics–and I do firmly believe that the personal is political–because of the quantity of vitriol I’ve seen flung at some other bloggers out there.  While I am interested in different viewpoints, outright trolling and personal attacks will incur my righteous wrath. Anyone that mean-spirited will not heed a warning, but it’s right here. I will not tolerate behavior intended to hurt other people here. Expressions of racist, sexist, classist (which was not even in the default dictionary), ableist, sizeist, speciesist, or of any other twisted school of thought based upon Bogus Hierarchical Crap are not welcome here. You have a right to free expression, but not without responsibility and discernment; if you come into someone else’s place and insult them, the least you should expect is a good punch.

It’s sad that I feel a need to state all this explicitly, just so people with dishonorable intentions cannot claim they were not warned. Respectful behavior is very welcome, though, to round things out a bit. 😉

What made me decide to start, in spite of the prevalence of behavior intended to silence anyone with different political views, was that I have found other people’s experiences and musings so helpful and nourishing. With luck, someone else will benefit similarly from some of what I write. (Of course, I also get angry at the idea of knuckling under to the specter of spiteful shitpokes.) I’m also looking forward to some good discussions.

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